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Protecting Lives and Your Interests is our Business

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Armed Security Guards

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Intruder Alarm Systems

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Security Dog Services

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CCTV Camera Systems

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Range has since its formation in 2006 in Africa specialised in providing security services in hostile and challenging overseas environments. Integral to this is the provision of static security solutions, and in particular utilising local national personnel in our guard forces. Range has provided these services to Governments, NGO’s, Government prime contractors and commercial entities.

Range Operations in Africa are controlled from the Regional Headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. The various Range country operations are run by a dedicated Expatriate Country Manager reporting to the Range Regional Manager.  read more

The quality of personnel can be a major issue with poor performance of duties / indiscipline being prevalent if personnel are not properly trained, deployed and supervised. The resultant high turnover of personnel will impact severely on the delivery of effective security services. Nepotism and cronyism also can potentially escalate isolated cases of individual indiscipline into major industrial disputes. In light of this risk it is vital that any opportunity for employment with Range Protective Services is perceived as a force for growth and career opportunity amongst the target local population.
• The timely and accurate passage of information to the local community of what is happening in their home area will help to reduce some of the threats to operations • The incoming organisation should be seen as a force for economic good by the local communities, employment of locals should be encouraged wherever possible. If large numbers of personnel are brought in from outside these areas, it can quickly lead to demonstrations and compound incursions etc as the local community feel that they have nothing to gain from the operations being conducted. Tribalism can quickly appear and may be supported by populist community leaders, politicians etc. It should be remembered that unemployment in many of these areas is the norm and those with work are often under-employed leading to large numbers of people with time on their hands who can easily be stirred up against any particular company / project.

Why Choose Us

  • We establish areas of vulnerability (e.g. inaccessibility in the event of any incident)
  • Proximity and accessibility of key installations to / Police / Government Agencies
  • We plan on how to best protect key installations.
  • Proximity and accessibility of key installations to human habitation.
  • Identify any areas of hostility amongst the local communities.

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